The Residential Design involves a home renovation in style and structure requiring numerous trades and suppliers to come together under Veronica's lead to create an interior design style markedly different from the existing style or involving the demolition of one interior and replacement with a designed interior to satisfy the client's use and taste. The interior design project may come about as a new home is purchased and the existing interior is not functional or appealing to the new owner's lifestyle. It may be a condo purchase after a scale-down from a single family home as children abandon the nest or come about from a later life marriage. It results in a home that is designed to match the owner's unique identity and lifestyle.

The main hallmark of this service is that it involves a larger scope of work, deadline in months rather than weeks, space planning and design drawings, possibly the use of a general contactor, and a fully approved budget and project schedule for completion before any work commences.

A fee estimate for design services is prepared and can usually be adhered to excepting work change orders later on. An initial design retainer initiates the process and the central planning document, the project budget is prepared along with design drawings as furniture and finish concepts.

A concept presentation is given within 2-3 weeks containing firm estimates and delivery times for each and every item or service to be purchased on the client's behalf. No purchase or substitute is made at any time without a client approval. The presentation is usually a 90 minute description made by Veronica and one of her designer's during which the whole residence is virtually walked and talked through using design drawings and sample boards.

In addition each section is costed in minute detail and questions are welcomed regarding design and costs. By the end of the presentation the client should have a comfort level and approve a start to the implementation of the job. It is not unusual for the major portion to begin while a few discrepancies and adjusted to the client's wishes and approved on the fly. The timeline is able to flow around these expected minor obstacles.

Weekly or bi-weekly 30 minute in-person follow-up consultations keep the client aware of the project's progress. Veronica is on site frequently during all stages of the project and on a daily basis she is busy following up on orders, scheduling trades, and holding whatever toes need be held to the fire on behalf of her client. Email correspondence is regular with the client and at all times a comfort level is maintained.

Upon the date of installation after the structural and finishing services have been supplied, the furniture, art, rugs, accessories etc are delivered in a short furious effort that welcomes the client to the final reveal.

A Residential Design Project normally begins with a design consultation at Veronica's Sinclair Centre showroom. Call Veronica at 604-688-9280 or email to discuss your needs.

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