Bathroom Makeovers

Today I am working on a new project in White Rock which has the most unusual bathtub which I am ripping out as part of the project. I will post the picture of this tub next week under “this gotta go!” and include more images of this design job next week. For now I thought [...]

Vancouver Public Library Window Treatments for Privacy, Style and Light Control

This interior design project for Veronica Wakeham and Terra Nova Interiors was to deliver functional solutions for privacy and light control in a style which would compliment the great architecture of the Vancouver Public Library. Our selection and professional installation of custom roller shades provided elegance, shade and privacy for the boardrooms of the popular Vancouver venue.

True Image

A good interior designer learns to read between the lines to uncover client goals. What motivates them, awakens their passion, delights and excites them? Surely not a cookie cutter approach that does not reflect the real person and hopefully not me as a designer. It’s dangerous to paste my style upon every person. I prefer [...]

Measuring a Nanny Kitchen for a Granite Counter Top

On Sunday I met with my electrical and granite trades in the Caulfield residence and in particular to go over their work in the nanny kitchen.  By now the old appliances had been removed and the old cabinets and countertop demo’d and taken away. The existing upstairs formal kitchen countertop was made of granite and [...]

Constantly Monitor the Interior Design Project

Obstacles will arise, one way or another, in all design projects. I have found the best policy is to become a constant monitor of virtually everything and to funnel all tasks and deadlines through one informed source – the designer, me. Not just from schedule, to coordination of trades, to tracking deliveries and materials, but [...]