The World’s Highest Threadcount.

You hear a lot of conflicting information these days about thread count in bedding collections, but a high thread count is only one factor. For luxury quality, the fiber has to be long staple Egyptian cotton and the Italian finishing is still unequaled.
Now, 1020 Thread count is determined by counting each single yarn in the warp and weft. This sheet set is woven using extremely fine multi-ply yarns in both the warp and weft and all yarns are counted to arrive at this thread count.


Over the years I’ve sometimes given out little 2 inch swatches of the 1020 Threadcount fabric as miniature ambassadors of the Sferra Bros. brand. They are a great conversation piece. I don;t know why, but people seem to always rub them against their cheeks. And speaking of nice cheeks, John Cusack bought two sets of the 1020 from me when he was filming in Vancouver. I guess the hotel sheets just didn’t rub him the right way.

But everyday people also sing the praises of the Milos, as these reviews from manufacturer Sferra clearly demonstrate.

By Valerie from Modesto, CA
On March 16, 2010:
I did not believe 1020 threads could feel so wonderful after purchasing similar sheets from other stores. I am a believer now. These sheets are worth every penny!
Overall Value: 5 out of 5 Stars.

These are great
By James from Scranton, PA
On March 8, 2010:
We received these sheets as an anniversary gift and my in-laws are now my favorite people. These are fantastic sheets. Nothing in the world like them.
Overall Value: 5 out of 5 Stars.

You can see many more authentic high thread count bedding collections on my Linen web site: Terra Nova Linen House or in the showroom at the Sinclair Centre.

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