Table Linens to Dine for.

Fall is just around the corner and kids are getting ready to return to school. Just in the past week I’ve noticed slight changes in the colors of the magnificent foliage at Van Dusen Gardens. For inspiration I always return to nature and locally nothing matches Van Dusen. french knot festival On Sunday I drove [...]

Stainless steel basket weave fireplace, custom made!

Stainless steel basket weave fireplace, custom made! steelfireplace Originally designed and built as a standarad height fireplace surround for a client in the film industry, upon installation I was asked if it could possibly be made to ceiling height. Sure it could. Would it fit in the elevator? Nope, but how could I turn down [...]

The World’s Highest Threadcount.

You hear a lot of conflicting information these days about thread count in bedding collections, but a high thread count is only one factor. For luxury quality, the fiber has to be long staple Egyptian cotton and the Italian finishing is still unequaled. Now, 1020 Thread count is determined by counting each single yarn in [...]