Roller Shades, Blinds and Drapes Control Sunlight Glare and Offer Privacy.

This week as I finish up my Caufield kitchen millwork job and begin a new design project for a past client West Van who moved to White Rock, I thought I would offer some direction concerning another popular topic – Window Treatments.

As the summer approaches I often hear complaints from clients and acquaintances about sunlight and window glare. My own living room looks out over the new Arthur Erickson building on False Creek. This neighbourhood is a collection of high-rises that glitter at night like diamonds. It also illustrates many examples of window coverings that don’t fit the upscale decor, that offer precious little privacy and don’t solve the glare problems of residents trying to see their flat screens or work on their computers.

The Erickson

Privacy and shade in particular become an issues as the weather heats up and we want to leave windows open for the fresh air and the view. What follows is some advice to consider when you face the typical challenges of controlling sunlight.

Window covering products allow residents to address sunlight control management for privacy, glare, heat and style. They include roller shades blinds, shutters, and all fabric treatments such as drapes, sheers, valances, panels, and drapery hardware, remote control systems and more.

There are four steps involved in managing a window treatment project and I will just run through them in order.


It might be simple to shop online for window coverings but it is impossible to reproduce exact fabric or product colour in digital format, due to the nature of the material used for window coverings, so design consultation and colour coordination and viewing samples need to be available in a showroom. Make sure your fabric selections coordinate with your walls, rugs, art, floors, etc., suit your taste, and address your functional needs. Work with your designer to discover how to address shade or direct light, privacy, safety, insulation, and cleaning.


It is challenging to precisely measure the dimensions of a window. Often windows and walls are a little or a lot off -kilter. Even a slight miscalculation in measurement or alignment can affect both the appearance of the window treatment and the operation of the lifting mechanism or cord. Measurements must be 100% accurate. That’s vital for setting up the next steps of creating a window treatment – fabrication and installation.



It is not just length multiplied by width to calculate yardage for a window treatment? Do you understand the concepts of fullness and lining? The workrooms you settle on should have many years of experience in fabricating window treatments using only the finest components and the most modern fabrication techniques.


Do you have the necessary tools and the time and ability to install your own window treatments? Probably not. Fabric panels, shades and blinds are quite heavy to lift and often require special tools to work with. Some windows are quite high and most people are not comfortable perched atop a ten foot ladder trying to drill a screw into a concrete wall. Better to rely on professionals who are trained, experienced, and well-equipped to tackle the job.

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