True Image

A good interior designer learns to read between the lines to uncover client goals. What motivates them, awakens their passion, delights and excites them? Surely not a cookie cutter approach that does not reflect the real person and hopefully not me as a designer. It’s dangerous to paste my style upon every person. I prefer to remain invisible, and although my name is on the project, the work should speak for itself.

And what is in a name anyway? For instance, my name Veronica Wakeham. Veronica, means “True Image”. To create and reflect the true image of my client; that’s my job. That’s my drive.

I have developed an elegant approach to accomplish this. It advances my client’s character, background, taste and ideas as a person, which in my imagination, I then layer over the floor plan. I visualize the ways the space will be used and plan the means to support the conduct within the design. Often the golden thread that guides our design direction comes about from a cooperative journey of discovery with my client. Together we explore fabric, colour, function, texture, and mood. These elements direct me to design decisions that delight my clients on several levels. The suggestions function as unique elements in their own right, while complimenting the overall design.

I invite you to visit from time to time and review the fruits of my design labours. I manage a lot of projects – full interior design projects, residential and commercial window coverings, designer furniture packages, and I own a luxury linen showroom in Vancouver in the Sinclair Centre where you can access the finest linens in the world.

If there is a common characteristic of my clients I think it may be that they are time-stressed. I don’t work with many idle rich clients; I think the true image that my client list reflects, is a busy professional.

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