Measuring a Nanny Kitchen for a Granite Counter Top

On Sunday I met with my electrical and granite trades in the Caulfield residence and in particular to go over their work in the nanny kitchen.  By now the old appliances had been removed and the old cabinets and countertop demo’d and taken away. The existing upstairs formal kitchen countertop was made of granite and accordingly would be the guide for this nanny kitchen, so my responsibility was to find and select a match to that granite. That and the mill work I had specified for the nanny kitchen would carry the design of the main floor throughout the lower space.

Granite sample needs to perfectly match main floor formal kitchen granite countertop to carry design throughout.

Matching granite is a time consuming and detailed assignment. Granite is cut from natural quarries and like many natural products it comes in endless patterns, colours and shades. A granite sample only hints at the hues and textures of a slab so it is important to view the larger surface to decide upon the closest match. I visited a number of tile and stone suppliers that I use and found what I was looking for on the third stop. The shade and patterns, while not from the original slab, were close enough to be almost identical.
I was pleased with the granite selection. Once I determined that it was available in the quantity I needed, I priced the amount required for the job based on my measurements and mill work drawings.  However to cut the granite to perfectly fit the countertop requires a precise and professional measure consequently I arranged to meet my granite fabricator and installer on site.

Discussing the dimensions, edge profiles and placement of granite in nanny kitchen.

Prior to this meeting I had the new sink and cook top delivered ahead of the other appliances. Because these items must fit into the countertop, and even though I had their specs, I preferred having the sink and cooktop actually there for handy reference regarding style and dimensions.

Discussing electrical requirements for power and placement of outlets in nanny kitchen.

I conferred with my electrician about power for the microwave and garburator and to assure there were ample outlets within easy reach for using small kitchen appliances. The placement of outlets is fundamentally driven by electrical code but that still frequently allows for placement in such a way as to be pleasing to the eye and functional.

Measuring countertop to create template to cut granite slab.

We carefully took measurements, made notes on the dimensions, angles and edge profiles and confirmed the location of the sink and cook top. From these figures and sketches the granite trade will create a template to go on the slab to cut the stone. This is done very carefully to avoid chipping or fracturing the material, after which it is polished. The finished granite countertop will be a very heavy product requiring much care to transport and install it.

The electrician advises on power and code while Veronica shephards the design.

will revisit the granite during installation with a blog post showing the fine tuning as it is fitted together into the mill work with the sink and cook top to create a sleek and seamless appearance that matches the main floor design.

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